High density and binder keeps
cellulose stable

Mor-Tite insulation
100% fill guarantees R-value
6" wall - R-21


"The cellulose system used by Mor-Tite has been a key factor in our goal to build environmentally friendly, efficient homes." -Carter Scott Transformations Inc., Lexington, MA.

"In our new 1850 sq. ft. custom Cape, we burned about 2 cords of wood, and the central heat system was employed only once or twice all winter. BIBS appears to be a product which is in every way superior to batt insulation."-Wayne Mutchler, Peterborough, NH.

"Whether we're building a small ranch or a large custom home we always use BIBS. The first thing our customers notice is how quiet the house is, Home buyers are always looking for a lot of bang for their buck, and with BIBS they always appreciate that extra value." -Diane Knisley, Knisley Construction, Mason, NH.

install Mor-Tite
Perfect for this unventilated flat roof

fiberglass insulation
Voids and compression, common with
fiberglass batts reduce R-values

"I find the Blow-In-Blanket System to be superior in terms of comfort, and energy efficiency as compared to fiberglass batting. The extra cost differential will have a payback of 1-3 years, a sound investment by even the most conservative measure. In addition, I find that dealing with Mor-Tite Insulation is particularly comforting. The fact that the owner of the business is on the job working daily assures a quality installation. I can assure you that most insulation companies offer a different level of service, that being poorly trained installers working piecework where speed is the only route to higher wages. In my five years using Mor-Tite exclusively, I have received continued professional work performed with a great product." -Kevin Doherty, Kevin Doherty Builder Inc., Bedford, NH.

installing Mor-Tite

Compare cellulose vs. fiberglass batts (fiberglass photos taken from a luxury home in Andover, MA.).

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fiberglass insulation

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